Geotechnical Engineering

Advanced Geotechnical Engineering

Thorough Site Evaluation 

You could choose to make a mistake worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, or you could choose to contact Midwest Testing Services.

Make sure your site's subsurface conditions are exactly what you need. We are your experts for proper site evaluations with state-of-the-art technology.
Soil testing

Our Engineering Services

  • Soil borings
  • Soil surveys
  • Field investigations
  • Laboratory testing
  • Testing for city and county governments, civil engineering firms, and architectural engineering firms

Featuring Diedrich Field Vehicles

When we conduct site investigations, our major field vehicles like the Diedrich D-120, Diedrich D-25, and 2 CME-55 drill rigs are used for the most precise and accurate results.

You can also contact Midwest Testing Services for a thorough environmental assessment or construction site testing. Make sure you know the true value of your land!
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All our tests are performed in accordance with AASHO standards in our 800-square-foot laboratory.
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